Soft, light and warm woolen shoe that will keep the feet warm and dry; year round.
Home shoes from is hand felted of 100% pure natural wool.

The wool still contains natural lanolin, which protects against dirt and odor.
Thus our shoes are best to wear on bare feet. In this way the wools will absorb moist and release it again.
You can have either hide sole for indoor use or natural rubber sole for outdoor use.
This woolen shoe with a good heel grip and with the extra thickness in the sole is a very comfortable home slipper.
They are light weight, durable and easy to maintain.
Just air them frequently and  knock out the dust of the wool.
If needed they can even be washed.

All our products are felted by hand at our own workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal. Thus we are certified Fair Trade Importer in Denmark. When you buy from betterfelt you create jobs in Nepal. 1 pair = half a days work in Kathmandu. 

You have never felt better!


Available in several colors in sizes from 35 - 49 EU.

All betterfelt products are sustainable and plastic free.

Material upper: 100% natural felted wool, still containing lanolin.Please note: The whole upper part inclusive the bottom is felted in one piece. 
Material Sole: Calf Split Hide
Chemicals: All our products are produced from natural raw materials without harmful additives and, of course, comply with all applicable EU legislation, (REACH).
Washing instructions: Our slippers can be washed at max 30°C. Use hair shampoo or wool shampoo. Then wipe the shoes on a towel with the sole facing upwards. 

Betterfelt offers a large, sustainable range of Woolslippers - Woolen Shoes - Woollen Shoes - Felt Shoes - Felt Feet - Leather Wool Blanket Wool for adults and at low prices.

Classic House Shoe Men and women in 100% pure felted wool - Blood Red-40

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